Striving For Excellence In Teaching

Dylan was an amazing young man, who lived more in his short 21 years than most people live in a lifetime. He was tragically hit and killed, while stopped with car trouble, by an inattentive driver, who was texting while driving, on October 24th, 2010. He graduated from Sun Prairie High School in 2007 and was a senior at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, at the time of his death. He was very excited about the prospects of becoming a teacher of Spanish in a high school setting. Dylan strove for excellence in every endeavor, in his school work, he had a passion for learning and expanding his education, in his employment, he loved working at Kids 4 cable channel in Sun Prairie and Hot Topic at the East Town Mall.

His teaching Philosophy is summed up in his final work written for an education class October 6, 2010, "If we let one student slip through the cracks in the education system, we are failing that student. And if we are failing one of our students, it's not much different from failing them all."

A scholarship fund has been set up in Dylan's name at UW-Madison. All donations will be used to help undergraduate students in the School of Education's teacher education program studying World Languages, especially those who are planning to teach Spanish. The first scholarship will be given in 2011. Click here for more information

Donation is tax-deductible. Receipts will be sent out by the UW Foundation.